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Scarf and Shawl Manufacturing - Wholesale

Note: The product price will be quoted based on the order quantity. The prices on the ad site are representative prices. Our sales are WHOLESALE only.

   Our company; Scarf - Shawl - Small scarf (Foulard) - Cheesecloth - Pareo - Flag - Peshtamal - Towel and promotional items.

Customer brands and patterns are manufactured.

Some of our product ranges are presented below;

* Pashmina Shawl Types (Tasseled, Fringed, Silvery, Leaf Printed, Flock Printed, Digital Pattern Printed, Piece Printed etc.)
* Taffeta Shawl and Taffeta Scarf
* Chiffon Shawl and Chiffon Scarf
* Jacquard Pattern Shawl and Jacquard Pattern Scarf
* Lace / Guipure Shawl and Lace / Guipure Scarf
* Polyester Satin Scarf and Polyester Satin Shawl
* Polyester Twill Shawl and Polyester Twill Scarf
* Cotton Shawl and Cotton Scarf
* Medine Silk Scarf and Medina Silk Shawl
* Pouch / Sushi Shawl and Scarf
* Pigment Pattern Print Shawl and Scarf
* Jaz Shawl (Jazz Shawl)
* Court Silk Shawl
* Mio Shawl
* Lycra Combed Cotton Shawl
* Winter Knitwear Knitted Thick Shawl - Cardigan – Poncho
* Woven / Knitted Neck Scarf and Shawl
* Silvery Yarn Woven Scarf Shawl - Silvery Scarf, Silvery Shawl
* Bursa Silk Scarf - Silk Shawl - Silk Scarf - Silk Tie - Silk Handkerchief
* Promotional Shawl, Scarf, Scarf, Pareo, Handkerchief, Poncho etc.
* Promotional Flag, Pennant, Mask, Bandana etc.
* Peshtamal - Child Poncho - Towel - Ihram etc.

There is a minimum purchase for each product.

Please contact for order and wholesale purchase of stock products.

Scarf & Shaw Making


Sales / Marketing: (+9) 0544 319 46 83 (Whatsapp is only used for Foreign Relations)

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